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Take advantage of our price change. We now offer FULL SERVICE PHOTO WORK for one low cost. Comes with one 5x7 print.


 Offers a number of photo editing services when you need professional results on a budget.

Also color pop and color enhancements.

How it works:

Select for one of our many services.

Email your Photos and Shipping Infomation 

Then receive your finished photos via email and Prints in the Mail!!!!



Please send clear full size photos via email. Pictures to small or blurry will not have the results your seeking. Please contact us before sending photos if you are unsure. Results may vary picture to picture depending on lighting used in each photo. Cell phone pictures are NOT recommended. (3.5 mp or better for best results,IPhone 4 or higher Exempt for rear camera)

Finished Photos will not be returned until confirmation of payment is made. Allow up to 2-weeks before receiving finished photos. Shekell Photography does not and will not distribute your photos and/or personal information to any outside vendors, and will ONLY return photos to the email address from which they came.  California Sales Tax may apply. NO REFUNDS

Single Service Pricing

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Full Service (Listed as Hard Brush) $25.00 per pic

Touch ups/Black & White $10.00 per pic

Color Pop $20.00 per pic

Multi-Color Pop $35.00

Text Cut-outs $5.00 - $10.00






For more info or a quote  send an Email to

Please Visit and like our Facebook page. See more looks and examples as well as more work my our Make-up Artist.


Package Service Pricing

Hard Brush w/Touch ups Pack - 6 Pictures Hard Brushed Full Touch up's - $85.00

Soft Brush Pack w/Touch ups - 6 Pictures Soft Brushed Full Touch up's - $65.00

Color Pop Pack w/Touch ups & Air Brushing - 6 Pictures Single Color Pop - $65.00


Package Type